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The Winter Rain



Its that time of the year again

That chill that calm the winter rain

I stand at the window ,

sipping coffee steaming hot

Seeing clouds play cupid,

giving wings to my thoughts



I so love the Rains

for the nostalgia they evoke

A warm blanket, cold nights

that fireplace and smoke

Come alive in the mind

as if the slumber just broke

I see those lil boots

that I now did outgrow

How we ran around in those

Wet and  drenched head to toe

Feels  like it was just yesterday

and not ages ago



Same coffee same rain

but the times were insane

We’d run , slip and jump

on that bumpy terrain

How we enlivened with laughter

Each street and every lane



Lost in my thoughts I see a  lil kid,  who brings me back to “today’

Cold and hungry  sad and homeless

He is rebuked and shooed away

He is running too he is running fast

but not for fun not to play

he is running  to find a shelter

From harsh cold and rain

I see him fighting with hunger

I see him fighting with pain



Rain for him  is not a time

To play ,to jump and run

He has to earn his loaf of bread

Fight his battle and get things done



But  life  failed to dim his smile

and the glint from his sparkling eyes

I wish some day life smiles at him

And answer all his “whys”



His eyes met mine

and we shared a smile

So bright, so pure,,

I loved the warmth of his smile



I smiled back too

but a guilt crossed my mind

Is there nothing I can do

I wondered I whined

Then voice says to me

There are millions in his clan

Its God who plans our fate

It’s  just a part of His plan



I sit down and take a sip from the cup

Back to the coffee back to my world



But that’s life and its true

That in just a day or two

I’ll Forgot the kid forget his world

Isn’t it what we so often DO?

And wonder  I ponder at questions few..

How do I define people how do I define me n you

are we heart less or just helpless  … ?

or May be both I confess.



Then my thoughts take me afar

To that land across the sea

the seashore sun n sand

That was the place to be



An early winter  evening

of twenty eleven(2011)

Our abode for a week

the place was heaven



The dawn of a new life

And  a life time of glee

Same rain same winters

and those clouds floating free

The  hearts humming a soulful note

mesmerizing as the sea

reminiscing events of  past

all the moments of years four

A time full of warmth

full of magic n amore

talking of all what was

and of what will be

Here we talk of our tomorrows

Near the  window , you and me



The rain captured and treasured

all  the moments  in its heart

That place that time and us

we will never be apart

And years down the line

we’ll cherish this start



A small world is weaved in this box by now


Some thoughts some  dreams

and some journeys our own

A few poems from that evening

some faces unknown

A blue scarf of silk

so carelessly thrown

On the couch besides the window

Where all my thoughts have grown

That  red coffee mug

`inscribed with the word “cheers”

That saw me growing strong

Through smiles and tears

Through confusions and worries

of my growing years

Some questions unanswered

some moments  so dear.



Today right here at  this moment

. I  add some more to the vault .

some fights a few giggles,

and a laughter so bright.

some whispers of the soul

and the promises few

That chit-chat , long walks

some tiffs and frowns too


They’ll  come with the  next rain

to delight to enchant

when the raindrops  touch the earth

and capture  my heart

I so long to feel  the spell

and the magic yet again…

And see the treasures come alive

in next winter rain.