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They tell me your moon is too far

then why are you craving for him

his gleam his glitter is not for you

your share is just one ray so dim



They say you have fallen for a stone

whom no love no feeling can move

but still the love of this one stone

over thousands of roses I chose



They say that in the end

I will get nothing but pain

But loves sees no reason no logic

It never sees losses or gain



He is not yours he never was

some say scoffing with a grin

Come my saviour and ‘redeem’ me

they say loving you is a ‘sin’


A Wish



I wish I were a flower, a bright crimson rose

kindling the flame of love,in hearts of all those

who lived,who breathed,who cherished

the blissful dream of love

I’d give wings to their hopes

like a blessing from above

someone would hold me

close to his heart

and sigh at my beauty

my color so bright

someone would feel proud

to see me bloom in his yard

n boast of his toil

that fetched him this reward

someone would keep me in the pages of books

n forever I’ ll be locked in his heart

I’d bring back the memories

of the love in his prime

that lost somewhere

in the sands of time

someone holding me in his hand

would kneel down and woo

his dame,n I ll vouch for

his deep love so true

I’d be laid at the “abode” of

the dear ones now gone

In the skies of our lives

who once glittered and shone

I’d speak of their love

I’d speak of the pain

of those left to tread the tough path

of life all alone

Their soul mate would be I

in those moments few

hiding my tears

guising them as dew

someday I’d be offered

at “His” feet with a prayer

to ask for His blessings

His love and His care

Sharing sorrows and joys

one day i ll be gone

But i ll never be sad

I ll never bemoan

nor sigh at the tresses

that I once did adorn

for I ll still be a rose

I’ll still mean love,

I ‘ll live in your hearts

though withered or dry

‘tween the pages of memories

forever I’d lie….