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The Lost Bird



Warbling in the sky

a chirping bird was I

Humming a canorous song

in the land where I belong



Then one day I had to leave

that verdant place  that sand

and I became a forlorn bird

in a faraway distant land



In that strange place

I was left all alone

missing my home and wondering

where those days have gone

Will those days return?

will there be an end

to this woe of pain?

will I ever find a friend?



Then one day I saw

a flock of birds chirping loud

and wondered if I would find

a dear friend in that crowd



Yes, said a little bird

in sweetest voice I ever heard

I  had found a friend at last

so pretty, demure and shy

We spent each day each moment

just rollicking with joy



But one day that friend vanished

like a shadow in thin air

I searched I screamed I cried

but Oh it was nowhere



He might have moved to

pastures more green

did my love lack

that truth, that sheen?



The sky was sneering

and laughing at me

that very sky

where I once did reign



I sat down to count

my losses n gain

that love those tears

was all this in vain?

was I so foolish?

was I insane?

he could never could read

that deep love that pain

as perhaps my feelings

were not ornate but plain



That love got lost

in the flux of time

the autumn shroud has silenced

that faint vernal chime



But this deplumed bird

will resurge again

n I’ll rise like a phoenix

from ashes of pain.