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time to leave


We packed all stuff at night,clothes,travels documents..the shells I collected and also the memories..we had collected a lot of them too 🙂 🙂 🙂

And and and on a lighter note we..(read G)..packed up all the unused things in the room..soaps,shampoos,body wash,shower cap,coffee sachets..sewing kit too..haha..old habits die hard. His theory “we paid for it  “  😀 well though they’re still lying unused till day..but mental satisfaction is something after all..the sewing kit thing still makes me


at sogo mall


But here we were now,ready for our next blind date with the new city. The cab driver had told us about a famous shoppin mall nearby.So we decided to go there and  find something to eat.It was at a walking distance.We followed the directions given by passerby’s  and started.It was fun walking on the roads of a all new place where you dint know anyone and  no one knew you.A different kinda feeling.Within 10 minutes we were outside the mall.It was a big mall.First thing that struck us was the Mc ds outlet.So we went there had a good lunch of burger ,fries, and  coke.