The stories…



More stories to unfold ,

of moments new and old

Some are better to forget.

some with encores are told


Some were special some were rare

of lost love and care

Some had you n me in them

some had those no more there


Some pass down to ages

For the charm that they hold

Some suppressed n put down

Go unheard,untold


Some blossomed, some lived

and fonder they grew

Some withered and died

in moments so few


Some will be cherished n retold

for ages to come

rest  will fade with time

the world will wonder at some


Those stories of past

Of long walks by the woods

hand in hand ,

side by side

sharing joys of childhood


Of those who saw blossom

their first love so true,

like first snow of winter

so pure fresh n new ,


There were  stories that were woven

in the  showers of rain

that still stir up the thoughts

refresh them yet again..


Some stories speak of those

who were dear who were close

who left us  ,with a void,

till day which echoes


They were erased and lost

in this worldly strife

like some missing chapters

in the story of life


Some stories are of treasures

that those dear ones left for us

an aquarelle of  memories

drawn on life’s vast canvas


 Some stories belong to those

who cherished who chose

to break rules, live dreams

not just move on with the flows


They moved out,explored

not wondered and seethe

They knew life was to “live “

not just exist and breathe


Some stories are our own

that we live on till day

moulding them each moment

like those sculptures of clay

we break them, shape again..

till we re done with the play.


the big book then closes

with secrets buried deep

off the shelf now  it goes

becomes  part of a heap


with some stories unfinished

n some pages old n torn

it paves way for the dawn

where new stories will be born


Time flies away, it just goes

its always on its toes

it wont slow down,it wont stop

for your joys or my woes

it wont rest to look at

life’s ugly burlesque

just a blink n there you see

lifes dawn turn to dusk


but it keeps weaving memories

in our lives night n day

this is what dreamz are made of

life’s a story they say,…….





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