You are…



Here’s a song that my heart

often whispers in glee,

A lil note to tell

what you are to me..

How do I start

and what do I say

 You are

the sunshine,

that brightens

my day.


You are 

the cool breeze of may,

with a gentle sway,

which blows through my heart

and takes my sorrows away.


You are

a special someone

so precious, so rare,

You are a dream

that came true

You are the answer

to a prayer.


Your love completes me

Your love makes me whole

You are my first wish ,

my longing,

You are

the last dream of my soul..


You fill my world with cheer

and love so profound,

What a blessing it is

 to have you around.


You have been my strength

 through life’s lows and highs,

through years of waiting

through my  smiles and sighs,

 through the snowy Decembers

and the drizzly  julys,

Feels like it was just yesterday

Oh how time flies .


Even today your enchanting smile

is like a rainbow through  rain

It ignites same love

n same emotions insane,

Just a glance and I lose my heart

All over again…


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