A Shadow Unknown



That shadow stood frozen,

in night’s darkest hour

still as a picture,

as a sole withering flower



with curios eyes laced with fear

I dared to move n step near



I saw that shadow move

n stare at me from a shady groove

I could see nothing but those eyes

those so familiar eyes

so dark so deep,as an ocean blue

those eyes so special,

those eyes belonged to YOU



When those eyes met mine,

they glowed for a while

then got filled with the sorrow

that lay hidden in that smile



What brought that gloom

on that once charming face

stealing all its charm

robbing’ all its grace

I wanted you to tell

what turned that heaven into hell

what made that enchanting smile,

so faint,so fragile



your lips parted to speak.

but the sound was so bleak

the words that you spoke

were lost in the clouds

and lost their meaning

in that misty shroud



That shadow turned away then

and vanished in the mist

I stretched out my hand to stop it

but it moved away with a pace so swift

Away from my eyes,forever was it gone

melted in the dark

n became a shadow unknown

leaving me with the darkness

that spread far n near

and incoherent thoughts of

that shadow once so dear,

left me groping in the dark

and struggling to find

a meaning for those lost words,

I never did hear

which never could travel

from your lips to my ears….


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