Last Goodbye


Digital Image

Torn between emotions

Now gone dead and dry,

The anguish within

and  dreams in my eyes

Your eloquent promises

That agony, those lies

My soul seeks salvation

I  Say my last good bye



I writhe in pain

I crawl I bleed

The world turns around

But you pay no heed

My shrieks my sighs

My suffering and tears

Pierce through the skies

But fail to reach your ears



The solitude once my pal

Now stabs me so deep

It cripples my soul

I cringe I weep



I stare at the sky

with wait in my eyes

on the threshold of next world

on the last step of life



There’s a tug there’s a struggle

between death and life

Come free me from these shackles

Come and end this strife



Come free me from the bondage

of love, life and death

And give me that lap

where I take my last breath.


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