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Protected: To Genting Highlands and back


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give me some rain :)…


With just a few minutes left for us to leave, at last I quickly picked up a couple of things and ran off to the hotel where the cab was already waiting for us with the cabbie giving us nasty looks for keeping him and  the others waiting. The anger and disappointment was writ large on his face, which made us have a great laugh. We couldn’t help snickering throughout the way.We were being a lil mean but it was fun. It was justified on his part  but the poor chap had no choice. He just had to be nice to us though inside we were sure he must be fuming with anger. However, who cared. We were having too much of a good time for any one to spoil. The hour long journey back to the airport was amazing.We were moving through heavy rains through out.An awesome drive..



That was probably the last stretch of the carefree moments we were having as within moments the page had to turn and a new one was to unfold with same old routine, same old place, same old everything. The dream was going to be over .It was the  time to wake up.Well that’s what life is ..a mix of sunshine and rain …and we had thoroughly enjoyed our part of the sunshine.  🙂